Clinic of Medical Imaging


The Clinic was established in 1936. In 1950, transformed into a Department of Radiology, and in 1972 for integration with Medical Academy becomes ISUL IV X-ray department at the Department of Radiology at Medical Faculty.

February 17, 2010 - Opening of the renewed Clinic of Diagnostic Imaging

Currently the Clinic consists of two sectors:

Conventional diagnostic radiology

Computerized tomography and invasive methods of investigation (angiography)

The sector of computed tomography and invasive methods are renewed with new CT apparatus and MRI.`

Per year Clinic has carried over 40,000 diagnostic-imaging studies of hospitalized and ambulatory patients.

Teaching: teaching students of Medical University, Sofia, and courses in postgraduate training in diagnostic imaging.

Head of Clinic: Associated Professor Dr. Gregorii Nedelkov, MD, PhD more>>

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