Clinic of Otorhinolaryngology


Head: Professor Dr Ivan Tzenev, MD, PhD, DSc - more>>

Clinic of Ear Nose Throat consists of 7 wards with 80 beds.

Number of patients passed in 2010 - 4988.


1. First ENT ward with cancer profile

Head: Professor Dr Ivan Chalakov, MD

The ward has 40 beds

Operational activities of the ward is among the highest surgical units of the Medical University in Sofia. It performed surgery in 70% of oncology pathology of the head and neck for the country.

Each year the ward carried out between 350 and 400 radical and functional operations for malignant tumors of the larynx and hypopharynx.

Functional neck dissection was first introduced in Bulgaria by a team of the clinic and is now routinely performed in accordance with the most modern concepts in this area.

From about 3 years the ward gradually introduces the surgical treatment of malignant and benign thyroid. The trend is expand as it is practiced in the leading clinics of Europe and America.

Each year at the ward were operated 80 patients with malignant tumors at maksilla-etmoidal angle, maxillary sinus and nasal general way.

Since 1995 the ward introduced the surgical treatment of tumors of the mouth and tongue, with or without resection of the mandible.

Each year was making 50 partial or total resections of malignant and benign tumors of the parotid glands and submandibula.

Here are operated juvenile angiofibrommas all in the head and neck for the country. They are rare, but their operative treatment is associated with extremely wide operational risk due to massive blood loss.

Each year the ward is diagnosed more than 100 malignant tumors in epipharinx, which are then referred for radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The department is leading in the treatment of larynx-tracheal stenosis, which is done by almost all endo larynx-tracheal and external operational techniques. Annually were operated on more than 100 such patients.

Plastic closure of large fistulas after pharinx and laringx operations or after radiation therapy takes place in approximately 80 patients per year.

Plastic closure of large defects in the internal orbital angle after radiation therapy or in patients after medio-facial resections takes place too.

It has long been established and is performed only in ward sculpture of dura mater defects in rinobase after rino- licvorhea and meningitis.

Annually have been performed more than 600 conventional and laser micro larynx operation in various diseases of the voice.

The ward carries out all operations of the ear improving the hearing.

Since 1999 the ward has performed cochlear implantation in children and adults.


2. Second ENT ward of General Otolaryngology

Head: Professor Dr Ivan Tzenev, MD, PhD, DSc - more>>

Head of ward - Chief Assistant Dr. Orlin Stoyanov

The ward has 28 beds.


3. Third ENT ward with children's profile

Head: Dr. Luben Popov

The ward has 12 beds


4. Ward "Otoneurology"

Head: Prof. Alexander Karapanchev


5. Ward "Endoscopy"

Head: Assoc Prof. Dr. Tsolo Tzolov, MD, PhD

The section has performed all endoscope manipulations of ENT diseases of epi-, meso-and hypopharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and esophagus.

The section is a leader in the field of:

-extraction of foreign bodies from the respiratory tract;

-extraction of foreign bodies from the esophagus;

-endoscopic nazotracheal and orotraheal intubation in selected patients with severe anatomical abnormalities of the neck.


6. Ward "Audiology"

Head: Professor Dr Diana Popova, MD, PhD


7. Ward “Phoniathria"

Head – Prof. Dr Dosyu Doskov, MD, PhD, DSc


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