Clinic of Neurology


Clinic for nervous diseases was determined as leading among the neurological clinics and wards in the country in 2008

Patients passed in 2010 - 2074.

The clinic is the only in the country which are taken to treat all patients with neurological diseases in their acute phase capable of resuscitation and intensive care and in their subacute or chronic stage.

The Clinic is conducted on a high professional level of all modern diagnostic tests in neurology (EEG, auditory and visual evoked potentials mapping, respiratory polygraphy, SRAR-titration, EMG, Doppler sonography).

The clinic is one of the leading in the country in: Diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular disease capable of monitoring and Doppler, CT, EEG, EP and others investigations.; Intensive treatment of neurological diseases.; Medicine of Sleep - diagnosis and treatment of disorders of sleep and wakefulness. The clinic has a laboratory equipped with modern equipment for respiratory polygraphy and titration with SRAR.; Department of Neurology has all conditions for hospitalization of patients with neuromuscular diseases who require diagnostic EMG, CT scan, and timely treatment, including intensive. Diagnosis and treatment of pain (Vertebrogenic diseases, neuropathic pain, various types of headaches and migraine status). For this purpose it is possible to use EEG, brain mapping, EMG and other methods, for hospital and for outpatients.; Diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular disease, Parkinson disease, peripheral nervous system, inflammatory diseases of CNS, epilepsy, migraine, vertigo of central origin, etc.; Patients with difficult to diagnose and rare neurological diseases and syndromes.

Major diseases are diagnosed and treated at the clinic are: cerebrovascular, coma, neuromuscular diseases, polyneuropathies including acute demyelinating polyneuropathy type Guillain-Barre, myasthenia gravis, myasthenic crisis, epilepsy and status epilepticus, degenerative diseases of the nervous system, acute pain, migraine and other primary and secondary headaches.

The clinic has two main structures:

Intensive therapy ward with sector "Medicine of Sleep"

General neurological ward

Intensive therapy ward performs prolonged artificial pulmonary ventilation, which may continue for months and years in patients with severe neurological diseases and acute respiratory failure (acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (Guillain-Barré syndrome), severe myasthenic crises, prolonged epileptic status, progressive muscular dystrophy, etc.).

Intensive therapy is equipped to treat critical violations of vital functions - electrocardiogram machine, monitors, electrocardiography, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and breathing systems for dosing of oxygen in the wet gas mixture in spontaneously breathing respirators for prolonged pulmonary ventilation, and perfusors for continuous intravenous infusion, defibrillator, aspiration system for each bed, mobile X-ray machine, mobile EEG machine and Doppler sonographic apparatus.

The sector "Medicine of Sleep" diagnoses and treats patients with disorders of sleep and wakefulness and others across the country. The sector has modern diagnostic equipment and highly trained specialists in the world's leading centers.

General neurological ward has 22 hospital beds, an Intensive therapy ward with sector "Medicine of Sleep" - 15.

Head of department is Professor Dr. Marin Daskalov more>>

The team consists of 18 physicians, 29 nurses and 18 orderlies.


Tel 9432516 - office;


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