Clinic for Radiation Therapy


Patients passed in 2010 - 1142.

The clinic is the oldest radiological institution in Bulgaria, successor of the X-ray Institute, established in 1920 (Alexander's Hospital) and the Department of Medical Radiology, founded in 1951 by the first ISUL director Prof. Goce Tenchov. For decades the clinic has trained medical students and dentists, physicians and medical physicists.

Radiotherapy clinic has the potential for therapy of malignant and benign diseases by: radiotherapy alone, radiotherapy after surgery or radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy. Accepted patients with primary tumors of the breast, neck and body (endometrial) cancer, pharynx, larynx and oral cavity, rectum, urogenital system in men. The clinic is specialized in the treatment of tumors of the thyroid by irradiation with radioiodine. The objects of treatment are thyroid diseases for which there is a high function, and rare tumors.

Perform preoperative radiotherapy in rectal and cervix, which in certain cases provides better results than the direct surgical treatment or postoperative radiotherapy.

Held most modern therapeutic strategy to preserve all or part of the diseased organ - tumors in the larynx, pharynx, mouth, bladder, rectum, breast cancer.

In the clinic treating joint-degenerative diseases (osteoarthritis, tendovaginitis, plexuses, deformities of the fingers), chronic inflammatory diseases (boils, cancer sores, diabetic foot, local postoperative inflammation, chronic ocular inflammation and many others.).

On 11 th of November 2010, the University Hospital "Queen Joanna - ISUL" opened the renovated complex radiotherapy center with the latest generation of linear accelerator and virtual CT for radiotherapy planning, unmatched in Eastern Europe.

The clinic has the following units:

Department of radiotherapy with 96 beds - 23 beds in the hospital, including 3 beds for metabolic brachytherapy (treatment with radioactive substances) and 73 functional beds in inpatient ward;

Laboratory of Clinical dosimetry and metrology of ionizing radiation.

Consulting Cabinet

Radiotherapy clinic has team of two professors, 6 doctors, including 3 assistant professors, 2 senior assistants and 2 ordinators, 4 physicists, engineers, psychologist, 10 nurses, 10 technicians, orderlies.

Professor Dr. Lilia Gocheva, PhD, National Consultant in Radiotherapy - Head of Department of Radiotherapy


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