Clinic of Gastroenterology
"Akademik Tasho Tashev"


Patients passed in 2010 - 1528.

Clinic was established in 1951 as the first in Europe specialized gastrointestinal health and educational unit.

Structure of the Clinic of Gastroenterology

Hospital, consisting of 3 wards with a total of 40 hospital beds:

First Ward of diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and biliary system - 13 hospital beds. Head of department - Prof. B. Vladimirov, MD, PhD;

Second Ward of intestinal diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - 14 hospital beds. Head of department - Prof. L. Tankova, MD, DSc;

Third Ward of Hepatology - 13 hospital beds, incl. 2 VIP rooms and an insulator. Head of Department - Dr. J. Genov, MD, PhD.

Diagnostic and therapeutic consulting room to gastroenterology clinic:

  • Consulting room of conventional upper endoscopy;
  • Consulting room of invasive upper endoscopy;
  • Consulting room of conventional lower endoscopy;
  • Consulting room of invasive lower endoscopy;
  • Consulting room of conventional ultrasound;
  • Consulting room of interventional ultrasound;
  • Consulting room of liver disease and liver biopsy;
  • Consulting room of endorectal ultrasound;
  • Consulting room of endoscopic and endolumen ultrasonography;
  • Consulting room of small intestines pathology;
  • Diagnostic and Advisory reception room, for further consultation between clinics and hospitals;
  • Treatment consulting rooms (two) for after manipulation monitoring of patients after invasive procedures performed under general anesthesia.

Department of Gastroenterology specializes in the treatment of all diseases of the digestive system. The object of therapy are diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, liver, biliary system and pancreas.

The clinic is performed all endoscopic ultrasound and diagnostic tests - ultrasound of abdominal organs and retroperitoneal sites, colour Doppler, duplex and triplex Doppler imaging, contrast echocardiography. Executed all endoscopic examinations: the esophagus, stomach, duodenum and colon (colonoscopy). The clinic is unique in the country perform endoscopy of small intestine - with mini camera (capsule absorbed by the patient) to examine the entire digestive tract. The clinic has equipment for endoscopic ultrasound and endolumen of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum and colon. It has a special opportunity non - invasive hydrogen test to determine excessive bacterial growth found in the intestines, here only in the country and examine faecal calprotectin.

The clinic made all interventional gastroenterology procedures for diagnostic and treatment: puncture under ultrasound guidance for diagnostic and therapeutic goal of all parenchyma organs in the abdominal cavity; polypectomy in all hollow organs, endoscopic treatment of early cancer of the esophagus, stomach and intestines; placing the endoprosthesis and recanalisation of stenosis of the esophagus and colon, stop bleeding in the digestive tract by all known methods, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on biliary tract and pancreas - papilotomy, endoprosthesis with different types of prostheses and others.

Approved the country is the treatment of primary and metastatic liver tumors with local procedures (radiofrequency termoablatsiya) with different types of apparatus. In testimony, these tumors are treated with local injections. The clinic treated nonoperative echinoccocus cysts of the liver and other parenchymal organs with percutaneous puncture technique.

In gastroenterology clinic, 13 highly qualified doctors from which: 4 rank: 1 professor and 3 associate professors - two DMSc and two PhD, one of them - Dr. L. Tankova, MD, DMSc is a national consultant in gastroenterology, 7 assistant professors, of which 3 with PhD degree and 1 in the process of protection and 2 ordinators, one of which is PhD student. Total in clinic has 11 specialists in gastroenterology and 2 doing specialisaton. Additional qualifications: certified physicians specializing in gastroenterology: abdominal ultrasonography III level – 4, gastrointestinal endoscopy III level – 3, meets the standard of Gastroenterology for the III level. Masters in Healthcare Management - 1 physician.

There are 14 nurses in the clinic. Head nurse of the clinic has educational and qualification degree "Bachelor of healthcare management" . All the other nurses are aligned with degree "Bachelor of health care". Six nurses are certified for use in endoscopic surgery and endoscopic equipment.

Sanitary service of medical diagnostic and therapeutic activity of clinic takes place from 9 sanitaries.

Daily records, correspondence, information services, etc. of the clinic is conducted by two technical assistants.

The clinic has a high-tech equipment of last generation, 40 hospital beds and renovated facilities. Hospital rooms with has 1 to 3 beds with bathroom. Per year the clinic treated over 1,500 patients.

Training in gastroenterology clinic

Clinic for Gastroenterology at the Clinical Center of Gastroenterology, Medical Faculty, Medical University - Sofia University is the leading body for Bulgaria in the field of gastroenterology. It shall be an active teaching unit in all its forms. The Clinic is held: studies in gastroenterology; exam to acquire the specialty of gastroenterology, general course of Gastroenterology and training, improvement and certification of medical specialists from across the country in all aspects of interventional and conventional abdominal ultrasonography and gastrointestinal endoscopy, to perform invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with moderate and high complexity. Training at the clinic covers the second and third level of competence defined by the medical standards of Gastroenterology, Gastroenterology modules for students in medicine and in gastroenterology unit of specialists in internal medicine).

Contract with the national Health Care Fund provides funding for all pathways, including gastroenterological diseases.


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